Black Swan

I’m am not the ugly duck I am a black swan found mostly in Australia and that is were I am right there in the photo.


Find A Bee


Great honey in the bees home.

There is a bee in each photo down below

can you spotted them quickly?

IMG_1221 IMG_1215IMG_1210

The bee is very small.

Forest Road

IMG_1313 IMG_1350

 There is a solid path

in the forest 

that I walk upon.

Through the forest 

it goes 

to my home.

The road is 

all ways there

to lead me

in my way


Through the 

falling leaves 

of the forest,

I walk home

on the solid path 

of road.

Blooming In The World


Opening up to the sun

and sky above. 


Even if I’m the last one

amongst my friends.


Hidden from the world

I will bloom every day

that I can until

I die.

Niagara Fall Color

IMG_0031 IMG_0028 IMG_0026


My family stayed until night fall to see NiagaraFalls in different colors. It was very beautiful at night with a        Canada city behind it.

Night Sky








Twinkling, Twinkling

through the darkness,

Night Stars,

like shooting stars.


Light up our Night,

To guide us,


on our journey

through this desert life.

Come Back Squirrel


This photo was take when they whole family went on a road trip across America.

He just loves animals and thankful the squirrel got away from him.