Photographer’s Rights Top 10

  •  Right to photograph anything that is in plain sight in public.
  •  On privet property the owner sets the rules on photograph.
  •  Police need a warrant to take or view the your digital photograph or video.
  •  Any interference in a legitimate law enforcement a police can make you stop your activate.
  •  Police are not allowed to delete your photos or videos in any circumstances.
  •  Can take photo of privet property, celebrities, children, and other things from public areas.
  •  Don’t have to reveal your identity unless it is required in the state to do so to officers.
  •  An threaten, intimidate, or detain  to you because you were taking photographs then the person can be liable under law on kidnapping, coercion, and theft.
  • Military installations and nuclear facilities can prohibit photographs in their area.
  • There may be a state wire tapping law which may not allow a photographer to record what a police officers voice.



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