There are three different composition and each picture above have one or two of the compositions. The three compositions are: point of view,balance, and simplicity.

IMG_0037  IMG_0624IMG_1576IMG_1225IMG_0377
Balance is make the photo feel right and not off in any way. There could be a subject on one side and another subject on the other side but it go well together. In the beach scene the dark branches balance the light background.



Simplicity is making the subject to be alone and way from anything in the background. The subject is to stand out in any way form what is behind it. Purple flowers are in front of there background.

IMG_1549IMG_1563IMG_1590 IMG_1552

Point of View is photos taken from unusual angles to tell something or make the subject more interesting to the viewer. The white flowers are taken at diagonal angle.

As is seen most of the pictures are of flower. Why? Because they where the closest things I seen around and they don’t move around much.


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