Description of project: In the project we look at the different exposure of light by changing the
aperture.We also go outside to practice with the light exposure and we use a light filter to filter the sun light.

Project goals:The goal is to see how light can affect the video.To see the difference between the light
in the class room and the sunlight outside and know what aperture to use.

What did I do?I start with a small aperture and in the class room light. After I get the largest
aperture I go outside to film. Outside I take the smallest aperture I can and the largest. The last exposure is a boken
spot using christmas lights for the background.In Adobe Premiere I add titles,music,and put it all together.
What did I learn? Light can change and with light it is not easy to know what aperture to use.

What is my critique of the results?The video is okay but I could have done better with pick a better place
outside and on the boken shot. The music is fine and titles look good.


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