Slow motion

Description of project: This project is slowing down an act taking place which in this video is dice.
How much the act is slow down then the origin is show on the bottom of screen.I edited 3 different shots of the
dice rolling on the table.

Project goals: The goal is to be able to slowdown the motion of the object you want.

What did I do?: I took three different shots at three different px’s. Then in Adobe Premiere I edited by putting in titles, transitions and slowed it down to 50% show it can be seen more better. At the end I showed the three 50% slowed videos together.

What did I learn?: Something I learned is how to slow down a motions and how to put videos side by side.

What is my critique of the results?: I did okay but could have done better on the last part, the three videos together. Some music would have made it better.


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