Seeking the Kingdom

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I wish more butterflies had a blue color in there wings.
I was just playing around with Illustrator making these wings.
Blue might not be a the most natural color in nature but it certainly is a nice color.

Poster Cicada

This is a poster I created in my class for a portfolio. I created a color swatch from which I got all my five colors from. Had to make quite a few change to get this poster to look interesting   for children and stand out.

Snow Came

img_20161209_140220_picmonkeyedAmazing weather the past two days. Beautiful snow but the ice on road not so cool.


Begins with a trickle


A trickle can lead to a brook,
A brook into a stream,
A stream to a river
going out into the sea.

A small choice made
Leads us down a path of change,
In which we can do something grand
and big to those around us and beyond.

Alaskan Water


In Alaska the glacier water is cold and pure. And it tastes much better then our purified water here in Oregon. The best water I every drank.


Let me sleep!